Yom ha Shoah


Do we still need to be reminded of the Holocaust? Oh Yes! The continuing need for such a memorial day is well demonstrated by two articles, one from the European Jewish Congress, showing anti-semitic attacks increased by 30% last year, and the other from the organisation Palestinian Media Watch. YouTube has threatened PMW with closure of their account because they expose the anti-semitism and hate-filled teaching of Palestinian children.

In their reports and articles PMW regularly exposes the official Palestinian policy of teaching it’s children to grow up to hate the Jews. Yet the West still supports the PA with millions of dollars, pounds and euros, and companies like YouTube threaten those who expose such anti-semitism.

Clearly, the need for the lessons of the Holocaust are definitely still needed for today! And that’s why, when Israel says “never again”, they actually mean it (unlike so many western political leaders) and take action to ensure it.

This evening sees the start of the Holocaust Memorial Day in Israel, Yom ha Shoah.

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