BBC documentary’s uncanny echo of Seventy Weeks

I’ve just finished watching a BBC documentary called ‘Could We Survive A Mega-Tsunami?’ It’s a chilling drama-documentary examining the possibility of a massive volcanic landslide in the Canary Islands and the effects of the resulting mega-tsunami, especially on New York.


It’s as if the makers of the film have read my novel Seventy Weeks and dramatised one of its main events! In an uncanny echo of the book’s storyline, it demonstrates the enormity of such an event and alludes to some of the global implications that would follow, again as featured in the novel!

If you’re able, catch it on the BBC iPlayer in the next few days before it expires.

If you haven’t yet got Seventy Weeks you can order it in paperback here, or download the ebook here or on Kindle, Kobo, iPad/iPhone or Nook.