The US State Department’s Islamist Plan

Dr Mordecai Kedar of Bar Ilan University, Israel, argues that the US backs a plan to establish the Muslim Brotherhood as the leaders of a “United Arab States”, an Islamic Caliphate comprising many of the Arab nations in the Middle East. As a consequence of backing the Muslim Brotherhood, the US is removing its support for long-term allies such as Mubarak in Egypt and of course Israel. The overthrow of the MB regime in Egypt this summer has thrown a spanner in the works, but the plan continues. (Link to this article tweeted by Melanie Phillips on 25 August, @MelanieLatest).

BBC documentary’s uncanny echo of Seventy Weeks

I’ve just finished watching a BBC documentary called ‘Could We Survive A Mega-Tsunami?’ It’s a chilling drama-documentary examining the possibility of a massive volcanic landslide in the Canary Islands and the effects of the resulting mega-tsunami, especially on New York.


It’s as if the makers of the film have read my novel Seventy Weeks and dramatised one of its main events! In an uncanny echo of the book’s storyline, it demonstrates the enormity of such an event and alludes to some of the global implications that would follow, again as featured in the novel!

If you’re able, catch it on the BBC iPlayer in the next few days before it expires.

If you haven’t yet got Seventy Weeks you can order it in paperback here, or download the ebook here or on Kindle, Kobo, iPad/iPhone or Nook.

The New Soviet Union: Cyprus shows how the EU destroys democracy

Amid echoes of the storyline of Seventy Weeks, Mary Ellen Synon, in her article originally written for the Irish Daily Mail, describes how the latest financial crisis to hit a Eurozone member, Cyprus, lays bare the sinister nature at the heart of the EU.

Some recent comments…..

Here’s a selection of recent comments received about the book, taken from the A J King page on Facebook:

“This novel is gripping! We darent put it down because the terror could happen to us tomorrow and we need to know how it ends. It’s believable and frightening. The End Times scenario is skilfully woven into detailed biblical teaching bringing the clearest account on the subject ever. And yet in all this darkness there’s romance to make you cry for joy, perhaps in relief. There has to be a sequel – and a film.” Andy in Portsmouth.

“I think that your book is amazing and I already can see it as a movie in my brain! I love the plot and ideas – perfect!” Santa in Manchester.

“Seventy Weeks is a brilliantly written, thought-provoking book which will challenge your world view and everything you think is “how it should be”. In spite of being a difficult topic, it’s an easy read, well presented and clearly written! Absolutely enjoyed reading it and cannot wait for it to be translated into other languages so I can pass it on to people whose English isn’t as good!” May in London.

“Seventy Weeks- gripping, emotionally and spiritually stiring and awe inspiring of ‘what if?’. Definitely recommend this book, one that you will struggle to put down. Brilliantly written.” Kris in Grimsby.

Thanks to all.